FuoriPorta, towards the patio, in the garden, on the terrace overlooking the sea, or near the swimming pool, without forgetting your private spa or that hidden space surrounded by nature, where you can relax your senses in a unique and regenerating mood.
Gruppo Fox’s approach to the outdoor furniture program is expressed through sofas, pouffs, armchairs and accessories that make elegance, quality and versatility the cornerstones on which to structure the entire philosophy that characterizes the FuoriPorta collection.

An important proposal, interpreted through the stylistic movements and the strong corporate identity that already distinguish our collections, without neglecting the tailor-made taste and the infinite possibilities of customization that the regular customer of Gruppo Fox usually finds as an added value inside. of the brand.

Gruppo Fox’s research and design center has developed this collection on the basis of our brand’s easily traceable features and designed on a human scale.