Suggestions of a Style

Certain values are conveyed with discretion and naturalness.

These values are intrinsic to the culture of those who, through their profession, have forged consolidated and lasting relations, in over 30 years of business. The primary strategic objective of any business is to increase its ability to survive and grow together with its clientèle, by tirelessly striving to achieve customer satisfaction. Because the customer doesn’t pay for a service or an object. They pay for the value represented therein. Value is the suggestion of a detail, a particular regard for shape, a culture of comfort, a style of productive language. Style is not immobile, rather it is something which requires continuous reinterpretation, with intuition and sensitivity.

The convergence of industry and artisanship enables increasing levels of uniqueness and customisation, which could be referred to as “sartorialism”.

Interpreting peoples’ tastes, offering them the chance to obtain upholstered furnishings featuring selected fabrics and leathers, contrast or double stitching, just like in nineteenth century sofas. Experience, evolved technology and certified materials culminate in objects which exude your style and your taste.

A play of contrasts

A play of colours, coloured piping, looped stitching or full-view border weaving, conferring a shabby look upon the product. All elements requiring interpretation and coordination with the interior, shared with customer expectations by means of advice and consultation sessions organised by our highly professional experts from authorised retail outlets.